4 Programs to Streamline your Small Business

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Starting and running a small business may seem like a simple endeavor. However, it requires more than just the bare minimum effort to continuously and successfully run the business. Whether a sole proprietor or a privately owned corporation, below are some tips that can be used to ensure favorable results from the business.

Tracking Employees Expenses

For your business to make its sales goals, you will inevitably have to spend money. Whether from the purchase of simple office supplies, cost of social media ads, or capital used in providing lunch for a board meeting. Employees should be encouraged to be conscious of their purchases and have filling expense reports that you should review regularly. As an employer, you’ll need a tool that will ease the purchase reporting system.

Using Divvy expense tracker ensures that workers are spending business money on approved purchases and warrant compensation for workers, thus ensuring they are not left waiting for long for purchases made using their money. Also, workers are confident with the expenditure they make as they will be recorded and later reimbursed. This helps build trust among employees and employers. Divvy will dramatically assist you in sticking to your budget, gaining financial knowledge, developing money management, and keeping track of your expenses by revealing hidden spending problems.

Time Management

Good time management by everyone in the business is key to the prosperity of the business. Time is the most treasured resource in a company. Businesses willing to get more things done and increase revenue should engage in effective time management schemes.

Cramming is discouraged by most managers as it makes employees more prone to making mistakes which leads to poor. On the other hand, delivering quality work takes time; thus, special projects and different projects should be given enough to focus and employ deep work. Without adequate time management skills, employees can inefficiently allocate time and effort to specific tasks.


Time management promotes higher productivity, according to a report from the US Bureau of Labor conducted in 2016. Many factors have led to employees becoming less productive regarding the increased use of technology like social media. You can improve productivity by employing effective time management techniques. Time management can be easier using helpful tools like employee time tracker apps that give a simple and straightforward way to manage your staff schedules. Also, cloud-based time-tracking systems allow managing your time and employees’ schedules right from your smartphone or desktop.

Ease Payroll Process

In the modern world, poor implementation of any process can be devastating for everybody. Accuracy in products and services is greatly needed, and there is a slight extent of inefficiencies. Though technology has provided fast implementation of these processes, it can be devastating if not run efficiently. Below are some advantages of the automated payroll process.

The payroll process is split into set procedures and necessarily from data input gathering and validation. Various stakeholders in different departments feed data and pass it over to the payroll team. Once the inputs are received, they are validated to ensure the data is legitimately authorized. This will also help check that all the information is submitted correctly in the system in suitable modules.

The second step is processing. Once the inputs are checked, salaries can now be processed in the system and will generate net and gross pay depending on the data provided for each employee. It will also withhold tasks and relevant deductions according to the earnings of each employee. Moreover, you can consider using the paystub generator to keep accurate employee records. Other benefits are the salary register and verification performed by the payroll team, accounting and report registration, and banking files.

Update Accounting Software

Maximizing business growth requires keeping your accounting organized and updated rather than relying on once-a-year outdated methods for your business finances. You need accounting software that helps you navigate well in Accounts Receivable and Payable.

Categorize your expenses and create reports easily with customizable resources from Sunrise software. The software offers a subscription-free version for people looking for an introduction to the accounting software industry. If you want to keep your files accounting altogether, Sunrise software also provides professional bookkeeping services. With this knowledge of how to streamline your small business, you should develop an idea of launching a new product, overseeing your business’s smooth running, or opening a second location.