Cell Phone Cases – A Staple Part of your Phone

people hand holding cell p-hone

Can you think of your life without a smartphone? Probably your answer would be “No” as it gradually makes people change their way of communication. face to face communication becomes an old fashion these days, instead, mobile phones help conversation occurs fast and correctly. Moreover in some emergencies for example suppose an accident happened on the street or nearby, people use cell phones to call an ambulance and to inform the place of the accident to policemen. These days too many apps are created for women’s safety also which helps a lot so, if your phone is providing you so many benefits it is your utmost duty to protect it to use it as long as possible.

There are plenty of websites offering a variety of cell phone cases but do you think that every cover can protect your phone? I don’t think so. The quality of the cover cases matters a lot. Protection should be your priority, colors and patterns are to think about later on. protection does not imply that you need to spend much amount for it, it also doesn’t mean that you have to buy a cover of the hard stuff. Hard material cases sometimes leave a scratch on your cell phone’s bumper that looks so ugly when the cover case is removed. You need to buy such cases for your cell phones which are waterproof and shockproof to prevent them from any shock or scratch.

Now the question arises from where you can buy cheap and best covers for your cell phones.
people these days in such a pandemic are financially weak, their financial condition is not up to the mark. They do shopping online and want everything to be cheap and the best. Even in the case of mobile phone covers, when they don’t want to compromise the safety of their phone and want to buy it at a reasonable price as it is a staple part of their phone. phone covers act like guards or shields to your phone. some of the sites where you can buy these at a reasonable price our Coveritup, Cyan kart, Covers kart Edmotic, Bewakoof, and so on.

For one plus 7 pro cover, some of the most loveable phone covers are mentioned below. Those who wanna buy can go for these. It is an amazing smartphone with a 90Hz refresh rate and wide-angle camera. It comes with an upgraded screen unlock feature. So, phone covers that you must buy without compromising on the beauty of your phone are.

Mobile Style

Soft silicone slim matte liquid silicone that protects your phone from scratches, fingerprints, and dumps. An excellent fit with all cutouts to access all your device features. It is very slim and lightweight which gives you a wonderful feeling when you hold your phone.

Nebula Blue

Glass case cover with a glossy finish, lightweight, sleek, shockproof, and adequate cuts for charging point and speakers and advanced tempered compression glass technology.

Nebula and Blue color in mobile cover

Mirror Grey

Tempered glass with glossy finishing, lightweight, sleek, shockproof and rubber protected glass for a better grip with advanced tempered compression glass technology.


Leather crafted Limited edition case made from imported Italian leather offers you a non-slippery grip with the original metallic logo of Ferrari.

Click Case

Slim fit to your phone and its Matte frosted Surface provides a silky feeling and excellent grip. It is made of advanced hard plastic to protect all sides of your phone.

Wave choice Mirror Flip Cover

Comes with an inbuilt stand offering comfortability for movie watching and web surfing. It envelops your phone at a 360-degree degrees angle-transparent design allows information to be visible without opening the flip cover.

Marvel Series Glass Cover

By AE mobile accessories made from flexible TPU frame for shock absorption, TPU soft silicone rubber bumper gives your phone a stunning look. It is a slim-fit luxurious back case designed with advanced hybrid technology.

Nelkin Frosted Shield

The ultra-thin hard plastic back cover case is made from high-quality polycarbonate with precise cutouts and its rubberized finish and texture design promote grip ability and make it anti-slippery.

Mobile Tussion

A transparent back cover case designed in a way for easy access of all buttons and cutouts. It comes with a finger-holding ring buckle which allows you to hold your cell phone easily.

There are also some phone cases for this amazing phone that are popular among girls some of them are.
The Pearl shell is highly durable and made with a polycarbonate hard case. Easy access to all buttons and ports with a lifetime print guarantee.

Glow Butterfly

Made from polycarbonate components to assure 100% safety. Glow butterflies on it give your phone a shiny look.

Butterfly Love Flowers

Made with high-quality material, easy accessibility to all buttons and ports.

Love Stripes

A properly fitted back cover case with all precise cutouts for buttons and ports provides your phone with a shining look and offers you an easy grip to hold your phone.

Believe it or not, expensive phones these days are easy to break. if you are afraid to mask the beauty of your phone, even get a transparent cover but do buy it to ensure your phone’s protection.