How to find New Clients with Video Marketing

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Marketing has revolutionized in the past few years. The world has moved from billboards to TV advertisements and digital media. Digital marketers and brands are looking for interesting ways to retain customers and engage new clients. And video marketing is one of the avenues being explored widely. Video marketing has recently emerged as a successful concept and is helping markets generate business leads. Businesses are using video marketing to reach a wider audience by engaging them through visuals. However, many businesses still wonder if video marketing can be beneficial for them and how they can find clients with video marketing.

Let’s tell you how to find new clients with video marketing.

Talk on Relevant Issues

Storytelling is one of the most common and rewarding video marketing strategies. You can also use this to convey messages regarding social issues related to your brand. For example, if you are a brand working on eco-friendly shoes, you can create videos talking about the carbon footprint and how your brand is working to reduce it. Explain the concepts in simpler words, so your audience understands them easily. It will forward your message to the viewers, and your business will likely generate more leads.

Brand Story

Do you know what interests the customers most about a brand? Their story.

For example, when someone tells you that once their grandfather was not educated and could not earn good money for their children. He worked extra to provide education to his children because he lacked that. His children followed the same and tried helping others gain an education by donating them to schools. So, the next generation had an idea that they should offer an affordable curriculum to schools that more children can afford. It tells you the brand’s thoughts behind the concept. And parents would prefer their curriculum as it is affordable. You can use the same to engage new customers by connecting the dots backward.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the top digital marketing topic nowadays. And why should it not be?

The culture of influencer marketing has hiked in recent times, and many brands are opting for it. You can choose a macro or micro-influencer according to your needs and budget. Create content in collaboration or leave it to them to share ideas with you. Collaborating with different influencers will make you visible to their unique viewers and find new clients with video marketing.


Changing times require you to change, and you can only succeed when you move with the world. Today is the time of animations, and many brands captivate viewers with animations. Create animated videos that tell your stories or advertise your product. Or you may also add animation effects to videos to give them a distinct identity from the competitors.

YouTube Advertisements

If you have not explored YouTube video ads yet, you are missing out on a major lead-generation feature. YouTube ads can potentially reach 2.56 billion users and increase your visibility. Advertise your videos on YouTube to reach your targeted audience more effectively. YouTube Ads have a significant 1.4% average conversion rate that improves your sales by reaching hundreds and thousands of potential customers easier.

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Live Streaming

Hundreds of businesses and influencers live stream daily on different social media platforms, and thousands of people watch them. Live streaming from the official page can help engage new customers. Take queries, answer questions about your products and services, or share some useful hacks.

Choose the Right Video Format

Besides choosing the type of video content to find new customers, it is important to see which medium is the best for your brand. Here are a few options for video marketing to choose from:

Instagram Reels: Instagram reels have become a favorite among millennials and generation Z as they provide meaningful content within a short duration.

YouTube Videos: YouTube is an excellent platform if you can create BTS, how-to, and review videos for your business. Yet, YouTube videos are not suitable for all businesses, so you need to analyze if it is the right pick for you.

YouTube Shorts: YouTube shorts are a popular trend nowadays, and people watch many of them on YouTube. Your videos can be one of them. Create videos through collaborations and get ready to find new customers through video marketing.

TikTok: TikTok is the most popular video content platform, with over a billion active monthly users. But, again, TikTok is only appropriate for businesses when they know which ideas can engage viewers. You need to focus on your theme and values and share content accordingly. However, it can offer massive engagements and leads if you hit the nail at the right spot.

The Bottom Line

Video marketing is the present and future of marketing, and you can find new clients with video marketing when you know the right ways to do so. Promote your brand through storytelling, collaborating with influencers, or live to stream. Businesses can choose from different video formats on various social media platforms such as YouTube videos, shorts, Instagram reels, IGTV, TikTok, etc. to generate more leads.