The Difference between Automatic and Battery-Operated Watches

human hand holding smart watch

Do you have your own watch? Before buying one, were you confused about choosing whether to buy a battery-operated or automatic watch? Every person has a different taste in everything they need. This also goes with watches since most people have their own preferences.

However, there have different functions and features that one must consider. Best cheap automatic watches don’t need batteries to operate, but they should always be worn. Otherwise, it will not work, and you need to adjust them again.

Which One is the Best?

Ever since automatic watches and battery-operated watches were developed, there was always as to which one is better and less expensive. Although these watches are both popular, they still have their own difference.

An automatic watch is also called a mechanical watch. It eliminates the use of manual winding. Thus it should be worn daily in order to retain its power. Battery-operated watches, on the other hand, works using quartz movement.

An automatic watch is a lot easier to use compared to the battery-operated one. This is because it doesn’t need winding. It just has to be worn every day. However, its power will only last three days if you forgot to wear it. This is quite the disadvantage of having one. But worry no more because you can easily adjust it whenever you need to use it again.


Automatic watches are mostly preferred by millions of watch lovers since these watches require craftsmanship, making them a lot unique compared to the battery-operated ones. This requires knowledge and a lot of time in order to create a unique and precise design.

We all know that time is gold and is ever precious. That is why millions wanted to have one of these automatic watches since these watches are very accurate. That is, choosing to have this type of watch requires lots of time in taking care of it. Otherwise, it will perhaps be useless in some forms.

Compared to quartz watches, the best automatic watches don’t need batteries to be replaced. With this, you don’t need to have it maintained by professionals. Being one of the most trending products in the market, automatic watches have reached a peak of being on top in the industry. Choosing to have one of these watches can perhaps give you a long-term investment when you know how to take good care of it.