The Right way to Apply JavaScript to your Links for SEO

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Most web developers and website owners take the help of JavaScript to make their websites into powerful platforms. If you utilize JavaScript on your website, you can connect with more audiences and internet users and engage your existing users. The search engine uses the evergreen version of JavaScript.

Here we have provided you with a few tips on how to optimize JavaScript.

In this article, we would also let you know how the search engine processes JavaScript and the best SEO practices to apply for a web app.

The search engine optimization in three phases processes the JavaScript website applications. The first one is crawling, then comes the rendering, and the last one is indexing.

First of all, in any application, Google not checks whether you allow crawling or not. It reads the robot.txt file. If the URL of your site is marked as disallowed, then Googlebot doesn’t make an HTTP request and ignores the URL.

It then phrases the response for different URLs. If you want to prevent link discovery on your website, you can apply the no-follow link attribute.

A few JavaScript sites try to utilize the APS (app shell) model. In this model, the HTML doesn’t consist of the actual content, and Googlebot has to execute the JavaScript to see the real content of that page that is generated by JavaScript.

Another important thing that you need to know about Googlebot is that it queues the pages for rendering. The pages remain queued until and unless the header or robot meta tag tells the Googlebot that they shouldn’t index the page. The page can continue queueing for either only one sec or for a long time. And as soon as the resources of Googlebot allow, the headless chromium starts rendering the page and executing the JavaScript. Googlebot may also use rendered pages for indexing.

It will help if you understand that pre-rendering is an excellent idea as it would make your website fast loading for both crawlers and internet users.

Unique Snippets and Titles

Utilizing JavaScript to make your title and meta description unique is an excellent idea as it helps the users reach the best results quickly.

Compatible Codes

JavaScript and API is a language that keeps evolving. Googlebot used to have a limitation regarding it, but since the introduction of Google BERT, it has developed.

Use Meaningful HTTP Status

Making use of meaningful HTTP status is also equally important so that the Googlebot understands whether a particular page should be crawled or not. You can use a significant code or HTTP status code to tell Googlebot if your website has moved to somewhere else.

Avoid 404 Errors

If you want to avoid 404 errors, then you can make use of JavaScript for redirecting to the URL. You can also include a meta name with no indexing.

Meta Robot Tags

If you follow the MR tag links, it will help to prevent a page from indexing on a specific web page.

Structured Data

If you feel a need to use structured data on your page, then you can utilize JavaScript to fulfill your requirement and use that on your page. But before adding, you shouldn’t forget to test the implementation to avoid inevitable errors.

How to Apply JavaScript for Links?

Now comes the central question of how can you apply JavaScript to your links. SEO techniques are utilized by website owners to boost traffic. While creating websites, web developers should also keep in mind the SEO strategies and also before applying JavaScript. If you want to implement JavaScript in your links correctly, then you must use line markups and avoid using fragment URLs. It will help if you build websites that go well with JavaScript.

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For more information, you can contact an SEO expert.

What is the Right way to Creating Links?

If you quickly and easily want to create links, then you should start utilizing the HTML tag along with the destination URL. Adding JavaScript to a link will also help you upgrade the functionality.

Ignoring her Attribute

You might feel like leaving out her attributes many times. But if you do that, then you need to know that your link will not work correctly until and unless your JavaScript is working efficiently. The property of crawlers is that they access only to content that is pointed using her attribute. And in such situations, users would struggle to access your content.

Thinking About the Fragment Identifiers

Hashtag distinguishes the fragment identifiers on a page. Fragment identifiers are used for pointing to the subsection of a page and not the different content of the page. If you use them, then crawlers will ignore them, and they will show that there is no fragment in your site. It also means that if you create apps using a fragment identifier, then crawlers would ignore those links.

Bottom Line

If you create links that Google can easily crawl, then the search engine would easily understand the type of content you are creating. The chances of you getting a higher rank in Google will also increase.