Voice Technology 101 Trends you should know in Applied AI

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Applied AI has touched almost every facet of our lives. Today, Applied Artificial Intelligence has found its usefulness in emerging fields. One of the key segments that we are discussing here is Speech Recognition or Voice AI.

Let’s Evaluate Voice Technology in 2021

Voice technology is also referred to, or rather more popularly, understood by its industrial terminology – speech recognition technology. As the name suggests, voice or speech technology is a scientific application of Applied Artificial Intelligence course algorithms to identify, analyze, process, and convert voice into cognitive action or output in the form of text, gesture, or simply data that can be used for various purposes. Many researchers put voice technology as the subset of speech recognition technology.

Voice technology can be best understood from the way we interact online with customer agents or IVRs. Or, closer to our hearts, we can identify the applications of Applied AI in voice through Facebook, Amazon Microsoft, Google, and Apple, the big giants of technology who have created many voice-based chatbots, gadgets, and appliances to improve our interaction with internet-connected devices.

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By evaluating the voice technology using Applied AI concepts, most AI engineers are able to answer these questions during their project management timeline.

  1. How Voice technology uses Artificial Intelligence to drive business value?
  2. Can Voice AI be sold to customers as is without risking any ethical threats?
  3. What kind of voice and text results should we focus on to ensure there is no risk of this technology falling into wrong hands?
  4. What kind of data privacy do we need to safeguard the interests of our researchers, users, and partners who are developing the newer versions of the product?

There are many more FAQs that need to be taken care of, but we will focus on the way the voice AI market revolves around its application within the core domains of:

  • Events and Media communications
  • Meeting Schedule
  • E-commerce customer management/customer service
  • Tele-calling
  • Video analytics
  • Social media and chatbot analytics
  • CRMs Customer Experience Management tools, and so on.

Top Voice AI Tools by Virtue of Sales and User Base

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Apple’s Siri – Home Pod
  3. Amazon’s Alexa – Echo
  4. Microsoft’s Cortana – Invoke
  5. Google Assistant – Google Home
  6. Facebook – Oculus virtual reality headset

Things User do with Voice Technology

According to a recent report on voice AI applications, a majority of users prefer to use voice technology to ‘search specific’ products or information on Google. You can also send an email, call someone, or shop using this novel Applied AI technology.