5 Most Common Website Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most Common Website Mistakes

Websites are one of the most effective mediums in driving more sales and reaching wider audiences.

A good website is designed properly. With a good web design, your site is not only able to increase customer loyalty but can also interact with customers effectively.

However, some web design mistakes often happen to most businesses or website owners, which can lead to a negative result for your website. Therefore, it is crucial to know these mistakes that you should avoid.

By knowing what mistakes to avoid, you can achieve maximum results and prevent any fatal errors. Here is a list of five common website mistakes that you should avoid:

Weak Search Engine Optimization

It’s a huge mistake to ignore the SEO aspects of a website. Doing so can cause your site’s SEO to be weak and have no value. Managing your site’s SEO is a necessity to boost your site’s ranking to appear on the SERPs.

Once it appears on the SERPs, you will experience increased traffic and generate more leads. Search engine optimization can be done with two methods: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Doing on-page SEO optimization means making the internal side of the website easy to index by search engines. Meanwhile, off-page SEO is a method of increasing site popularity with link-building and backlink methods.

Lack of Visuals

A website that has no visual elements is less attractive. It would be a loss for you because web design and visual content play a vital role in the success of your business.

Visual content can keep your visitors engaged. In fact, humans are intended to pay more attention to visual information than text. Ensure your web is visually compelling through these best visual contents including motion graphics, explainer videos, images, or infographics.

Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

The greatest web design mistake you should avoid is ignoring mobile-friendly design. Access from mobile devices is now increasing for various purposes ranging from online shopping, watching video content, searching for information, reading news, etc.

If your website is mobile-friendly, you can make it easier for consumers to access your site via mobile devices. Make sure it is accessible for both mobile users and computer users.

Not only does it improve the user experience, but a mobile-friendly web is also a factor in getting high rankings. Search engines like Google prefer mobile-friendly websites because they can meet the expectations of mobile device users.

You are Missing a Call-to-action

If your goal is to create a website to increase sales, then it must be made easier to invite prospects to convert. In this case, a call to action is a great way to encourage visitors in becoming loyal customers.

If you are missing a call to action, it means you are not communicating well with the user. Maybe they’re interested in your product or service, but you’re not getting it right. So to get them to convert, you need to place your CTA in a strategic place.

No Analytics to Measure Performance

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Isn’t it necessary to improve marketing strategy by analyzing performance using data? If you don’t involve analytical tools to analyze your website’s performance, you’ll have a hard time measuring your marketing results. In fact, these marketing results are a vital part to track and help your business grow.

So not having analytics to measure website performance is the most fatal website design mistake. Without analytics, you can’t know what you’re doing right or wrong. That way, you can’t improve on the right online marketing strategy.


If you want to produce a successful website, you need to pay attention to important points on the website, one of which is website design.

However, there are still many website owners who make web design mistakes that can harm their business. It allows your site’s performance to crash and fall short of expectations, ranging from slow page loads, and high bounce rates, to poor conversions. Therefore, avoiding the errors mentioned above can help you get a high-performing website.