How to Login to Disney Plus on TV?

Disney Plus on TV

Are you a Disney fan and love to spend your time watching Disney characters on your TV screens? Well then, this platform will provide you with the details of how you can make this possible by following some easy steps.

Disney Plus is an American online streaming service that was founded on November 12th, 2019. It is owned by Media and Entertainment Distribution of The Walt Disney Company. You must be well aware of this name as each one of us grew up watching Disney cartoons. Disney Plus is considered to be over a top video platform that is known for its famous movies, tv shows, and series. You can get access to these amazing shows by downloading the app on your device and subscribing to a monthly or annual plan of the app.

People have queries regarding Disney Plus login issues on various devices. But have you ever wondered how you can log in to Disney Plus on your TV or how you can log in by using your phone? This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide that you can follow to log in to Disney Plus. So, let’s get started!

How to Login to Disney Plus on TV?

The following steps will provide you will all the information that you need to log in to Disney Plus on your TVs:

Compatibility of the TV with Disney Plus

Make sure that your TV is compatible with Disney Plus. All TVs cannot support Disney Plus so it is better to check the compatibility beforehand to avoid any disappointment. Smart TVs from the brands such as Samsung, TCL, Sony, LG, and Vizio support Disney Plus. You can check the compatible devices on the Disney Plus website just to make sure that your TV supports Disney Plus.

Internet Connection

A stable Internet connection is always necessary to run any online platform, and so does is essential for Disney Plus. Once you have a strong Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, it will ensure smooth streaming while you’re watching your favorite cartoons. So, check the network setting on the TV and connect it to the Wi-Fi before installing the app.

App Installation

You need to install the Disney Plus app to access it on your TV. Go to your TV’s app store and search for Disney Plus. Download and install the app from there on your TV.

Launch the App

To initiate the login process you must launch the app first. For this purpose, go to the home screen, find the app, and then launch it. This will direct you to the login page.

Signing in or Creating the Account

To access the content of Disney Plus, an account is required. In case you are an old user and already have an account then you can simply log in by entering your username and password. If you are a new user you need to create an account first and signup for the app. You can do this by visiting and following the instructions to subscribe.

Login to Disney Plus

Verification Code

For secure access, a verification code is necessary to link your Disney Plus account to the TV. After signing in a verification code will appear. Use a separate device such as a smartphone and visit on it. Sign in with your account on this device and enter the code that has been provided to you. This will link your TV to your Disney Plus account.


To enhance your overall experience, you must navigate through the app and make yourself familiar with the app’s interface. Browse through the collections to explore different genres and understand the layout of the app.

Streaming Quality

Adjust the streaming quality settings to ensure a smooth streaming experience. Visit the app’s settings and optimize the video quality as per your needs. This will provide you with high-definition streaming.

Start Streaming

Finally, you’re good to go when all these steps are completed. You can now start streaming your favorite show on the TV screen. Grab some popcorn and enjoy Disney Plus content!

How to Login to Disney Plus on TV with a Phone?

If you want to learn how to login to your Disney Plus account on TV with your phone then follow these steps and enjoy Disney Plus on the TV:

  • Launch the app on your phone.
  • Login to your account by entering the username and password.
  • Press the home button, navigate to the source, and select the option of removing access.
  • Under the ‘’featured functions’’ choose the option of ‘’screen sharing.’’ This feature works on a Samsung TV.
  • Open the casting app or a mirror app on your phone and find the name of your TV on it.
  • Tap the connect button, this will start mirroring your phone screen to your TV screen.
  • Launch the Disney+ app.
  • Start streaming as your phone screen will be mirrored to your TV screen.

Following these quick and easy steps make it possible for any user to access the app. Let your kids enjoy their favorite cartoons on big screens while you’re busy doing house chores.


Disney Plus is a popular online streaming app. It has countless tv shows, movies, and series. You can access this app on your phones and TVs by subscribing to its annual or monthly subscription plans. You can log in to your Disney Plus account on your TV by making sure that it is compatible and that you have a stable internet connection. After logging in, you can browse through different categories and explore your favorite movies. After selecting the trending show, adjust the video settings and enjoy the show on your TV screen. Due to its various features including quickly downloading content for offline viewing, this app is loved by millions of people all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions regarding the Disney Plus app:

What to watch on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus has a wide variety of content including original series, animation, and live-action. Disney Plus offers talk shows, movies, documentaries, TV series, and much more.

What to do if Disney Plus is not available on my TV’s app store?

If you do not see the app on your TV’s app store, try using an alternative device such as Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon TV fire stick. It might be possible that your device is incompatible with the app.

What to do if I forget my Disney Plus account password?

In case you have forgotten your Disney Plus password, go to the sign-in page and select the option of ”forget the password.” They will ask for your email address, enter that and follow further instructions appearing on the screen to reset your password. Once done, you can log in to your account by entering the new password.

How to Watch the Content on Disney Plus While Being Offline?

The Disney Plus app allows its users to download content that they can watch later while offline. Other offline downloaders help to save your desired content from Disney plus to enjoy it later.