The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing in 2023

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a business marketing method that uses video content. It has become the most effective form of promotion to use in this digital era. This is one strategy to market and promote your business through short videos to attract potential customers.

When many successful business people share information about how effective digital marketing strategies are and say that promoting digitally is better for reaching a wider market, costs, and time. This proved to be an effective and attractive strategy.

Many companies are also competing to do the same thing to get the same impact on their business. Especially in 2022, video content has become the most popular content that can easily attract your audiences’ attention.

That’s why before publishing your video marketing, it is important to have a deep understanding of video marketing and what you need to prepare to amaze your target audiences.

You can use a video marketing checklist to be able to go through the process easily and later get the results according to what you want to achieve from the video. So here is the ultimate guide to video marketing in 2022.

Why You Should Use Video Marketing for Your Business?

Video Marketing is the best marketing strategy for your business in this digital era. This video displays an image and audio simultaneously so that it is easily absorbed by the audience, which will easily turn your audience into your customers.

The main reason for using video marketing is that videos can increase conversions. According to a study, 71% of marketers say that converting video is better than content for other marketing activities.

With Video Marketing, you can also provide more visually specific and detailed information about the products we sell. So that the level of trust of potential buyers can be sure that the products you are selling are really of high quality.

Google itself is an example for every company that wants to market in this digital era, creating video content is indeed a wise approach.

On search engines like Google, video content usually ranks very high, and people tend to click on it. Video marketing plays a very important role in expanding the activity of your potential customers and brands.

8 Steps to Create an Effective Video Marketing

1. Do More Research

The first step is to do some research. The goal is to decide what kind of video content is suitable for your brand or product so that you get the maximum result from your video.

You can research the types of video marketing that are commonly used like an explainer video, tutorial video, testimonial video, etc.

When you do research, it is also essential to do more research about your target audience who will later become viewers of this video. If the target is millennial youth, the video content will certainly be different from the target audience of young mothers.

Meanwhile, if the target is young professionals who prioritize technological sophistication, then the content must be adjusted and different from videos aimed at the general public.

There is another type of audience that prioritizes content with a humanitarian message. In other words, at this stage, you as a video maker must be able to determine what the audience will get and what kind of behavior will be done after watching.

2. Plan Your Video

Plan your video with storyboards or scripts. Storyboards are sketches of pictures that are arranged in sequence. When you create videos or films, storyboards help animators to plan the videos, it looks more like a comic.

The existence of a storyboard makes it easier for someone to convey the idea or story idea so that other people can understand the core idea of the desired story.

The storyboard consists of thumbnail images that can describe your video later on. While the script is in the form of text about the important points that you will convey in the video.

After creating a storyboard or script, another thing you need to pay attention to is a host or speaker with an attractive voice and appearance so that people are interested in watching your video.

3. Tell Stories

Instead of just introducing the company, brand, vision, mission, and products offered, making video marketing a platform for telling stories is much better. Summarizing all of these things into an interesting narrative will be more effective in increasing audience engagement.

Tell your target customers about how your product has impacted clients or customers, what positive impact it has had, and so on. Video marketing enables you to deliver all these messages in a simple, easy-to-understand, and appealing way.

Also, try to position yourself as a viewer or prospect to find out what information is relevant to their lives. Also, reinforce this story with customer testimonials if any.

4. Determine Your Production Budget 

Budget funds are necessary to manage the production process, starting from the cost of the production team’s services, consumption, transportation, and editing, to installing ads if needed.

You will also definitely have to prepare funds for equipment needs, such as cameras, photo studios, wardrobes, and so on. It is important to decide your video production budget to choose which type of video marketing is suitable for your business needs and how much budget you have.

So, Everything must be carefully planned before the production process begins. Don’t get in the middle of the process, you run out of funds, and finally, the video can’t be finished.

5. Create Eye-Catching Videos in the First 7 Seconds

Eye-catching content is the key to video marketing. One of the most important video marketing tips is that your video must be able to convince viewers to click on the video when they see the thumbnail.

So, keep them entertained with your video and make sure they stay watching and do not skip in the first 7 seconds. Once your viewers are interested in your thumbnail and the first 7 second videos, they would be more likely to stay and keep watching till the end.

According to the Social Media Examiner, the first 3-7 seconds are the point at which the video experiences the highest drop-off rate. So, make sure to start your video marketing with maximum traction.

6. Optimize Videos with SEO Content

Google owns YouTube. This means that videos uploaded to the site enter Google’s database and can be displayed as search results by users.

Therefore, search engine optimization or better known as SEO is very important to make video marketing reach wider audiences. One way to optimize video marketing is to include several keywords in the video description.


In addition, you can also add calls-to-action and links to your website or landing page with video marketing. Not only that but it is also recommended to take advantage of the tagging feature on YouTube.

This is so that the videos created can be recommended to people who are interested in related themes according to the selected tags.

7. Share to Entire Distribution Channels

Making appealing videos and SEO-compliant video marketing is certainly not enough. After your video is uploaded, share the link to all distribution channels that your business has, for example, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and others.

So, people who may not be aware of new content at first may be interested in watching it. You can also put advertisements on these channels, especially on YouTube and Facebook which are commonly used as the main platforms that are usually used for video marketing.

This will allow you to reach the right target customers and attract them to visit your landing page and make a purchase.

8. Evaluate Success

After implementing various steps and ways to use video marketing as a marketing strategy, the most important part is to carry out an evaluation and analysis.

So that you know whether the costs of advertising, making videos, and distributing them on various social media platforms are on target. Is it balanced with the match or even lose. In the end, you will be able to determine your next marketing move.

What Types of Video Marketing Should You Make?

Before starting to implement video marketing as a business strategy, you should know the types of video marketing so that the video content produced is right on target. What are the types of video marketing?

Explainer Video

An explainer video is a type of video that is used to explain a company’s products, services, and programs, in a simple, easy-to-understand, and interesting way so that viewers understand the messages that your video is trying to deliver.

So, even though there are statistical data that tend to be complicated and need to be conveyed, explainer videos can make the discussion more exciting and certainly informative.

Given their ability to explain briefly and concisely, many people use explainer videos for advertising, online learning, presentations, employee training, and more.

Generally, this type of video uses a touch of animation and motion graphics to provide engaging, interesting, and easy-to-understand visuals.

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Explainer video tends to deliver messages in the professional but simple and casual way of language so that the audiences can understand the messages better. That’s why explainers are known to be the perfect branding tool for your business.

Testimonial Video

Testimonials are important for companies that rely on selling products or services because they can increase consumer confidence.

You can turn this strategy into video marketing by showing customer satisfaction or feedback about a product, which has become a very useful trend to attract buyers.

Especially in recent years, many customers are satisfied with a product they have purchased and used, make video testimonials and upload them happily on their respective social media.

You can take this opportunity to repost it on your social media. In addition, you can also ask consumers directly to make a video testimonial with you, which you will later turn into an exclusive promotional video.

Tutorial Video

Video tutorials for customers are great when it comes to attracting new audiences. Due to the popularity of this type of video, many companies and businesses are also implementing video tutorial content to drive new customers and build trust about how to use their products or services.

This type of video content can quickly garner a large audience through its engaging storyline. It’s a great video to help your business to build brand awareness and increase sales.

Product Demo Video

The product video type contains any kind of information related to the product or service being promoted by the brand. The context itself can include product features, benefits, and inclusive material that viewers can learn directly from.

The demo videos will be centered around the product itself and generally show the audience what they can do with your product.

Product demos are in-depth content to influence potential customers further so this type would not be appropriate to use as initial awareness-raising videos.

You can start to include as many product demo videos as possible, with each presenting a completely different fact about the product or service. This can be an effective strategy to attract more audiences.

Live Video

Live video has become a trend in today’s society. Many people are broadcasting live or live streaming on their social media accounts. You can use this trend as one of your marketing strategies to attract new customers and increase marketing.

For example, casual chat is appropriate, but include your product as a solution, learning events or online workshops, sponsorship of course products or services. the service you are selling.

with live video, you can show the original quality of your brand and its products in real, without editing and anything being covered up. Of course, this will encourage consumers to pay attention to the details of the facts that you present.

And lastly, it can increase consumer confidence. The live streaming that is displayed is certainly more than the product photos which are made very attractive.


So now you have a better understanding of video marketing and the importance of video marketing for your business. Especially in today’s digital era where videos are the most popular content on various channels. Many companies are already using video as a marketing strategy in the digital world.

So, video marketing has become an important effort to keep up with market demands that are starting to shift from the habit of watching television to watching videos online.

This strategy will take your business to the next level and help your business compete with competitors in your industry area.

With the right planning, creation, implementation, and evaluation, hopefully, your marketing will find the formula that works best.