Is it Worth Doing Marketing Activities on Instagram Trends

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Instagram is by far the fastest-growing social networking site – in less than a year, the number of its users has increased by approximately 100 million. This channel is becoming increasingly popular, but at the same time demanding, in which the most important element is attractive and unique content based on visual communication.

For Whom?

Initially, it was thought that Instagram was a website that should primarily contain brands related to the fashion industry. However, this is not entirely the case. It’s worth being on Instagram … if you have an idea for it. What’s more, as shown by studies ( Icon square Instagram 2015 Study ), as many as 70% of users searched for company profiles on Instagram, 37% observed 1-5 such accounts, and 32% more than 5. Therefore, the website is conducive to building a community around brands.

Instagram User Profile – Who you can Reach

On the official Instagram blog recently appeared information that the number of its users has exceeded 400 million. Still, in December 2014 there were about 300 million of them.

Practically since the beginning of the website’s activity, there was a belief that Instagram is a social channel gathering primarily young people. In fact, not much has changed in this matter – the statistics provided from the US market show that still, the most numerous group on Instagram are young people, aged 18-29 (it is about 53%, data from Sprout Social ).

Importantly, Instagram brings together a similar number of women as well as men. This is quite an interesting phenomenon, especially since a similar (in a sense), because also based on photos, although definitely a less popular website – Pinterest, gender disproportions are definitely more visible: 80% of users are women here (data from the American market from

The 5 most Important Advantages of Instagram

A Social Networking Service Based on a Mobile Application

This is certainly one of the most important advantages of Instagram, which allows you to share visual content almost immediately after its implementation. The website allows you to add, comment, and view photos using the application on your phone. It is also available in a desktop version (allowing you to view and comment on posts). The website is enjoying increasing popularity. This is not surprising, especially since we can observe the growing importance of mobile devices among social media users – according to the report, the use of social media is one of the third most frequently performed online activities on mobile devices. The average time spent on social media via smartphones is 18%, and tablets 7%.

Simple Operation

To start operations on Instagram, all you need is just a few steps. First, install the application on your smartphone, then create an account (using your email address or Facebook account). Posting is pure pleasure – the website is very intuitive to use. However, when conducting marketing activities on Instagram, one should not forget about a well-thought-out strategy and the proper use of hashtags. It is also worth using applications available on the market that allow you to diversify published posts, e.g.

From VSCO Cam (a free photo-editing application), Layout from Instagram (an application from Instagram that allows you to create artistic collages), Touch Retouch (a paid application that allows for removing unnecessary elements of a photo), or Lipogram (an application, which allows you to make a 15-second clip with a music effect from photos; the basic version is free, but it also has additional paid options).

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Unlimited Ranges

Although the number of fans of the brand on Facebook is usually much larger than that collected on Instagram, it is something that makes Instagram more and more popular among people dealing with marketing in social media. One of the biggest advantages of Instagram is the organic range. Thanks to this, all his followers see the posts that are published on the profile.

High User Involvement

This year published a study, the research company carried out shows that the average interaction on Instagram is definitely greater than that on Facebook. The interaction rate was calculated using a special formula (dividing the level of interaction caused by the post by the number of fans/followers).

What is important here, however, is how to define interactions in a particular social channel. Interactions on Facebook were measured taking into account the number of likes, comments, and shares, while on Instagram – due to the inability to share content – the level of interaction was calculated based on the number of likes and comments. So the average Instagram post stands out for more involvement than the one posted on Facebook or Twitter. What’s more, the level of this interaction increased by an average of 1% in the first quarter of 2015 (Instagram ≈ 4.80, Facebook ≈ 0.72, Twitter ≈ 0.25). Instagram users are more eager to interact with the brand than other channels, so it is worth using in marketing activities.

Website Enabling the Creation of Ads

Creating ads on Instagram is a feature available only from October 1, 2015, however, many marketers have long-awaited. To run ads on this site it is necessary to have a Facebook account – because there, with the help of the Ad Manager (new), Power Editor, or external tools using the API interface, all ads are prepared. What is the most important thing when creating ads on Instagram? First of all, an idea that catches attention (evokes commitment) and is suited to the way the right target group communicates.

Does Instagram Sell?

Until recently, Instagram was mainly used to build the image of the brand. However, it turns out that this site can sell even better than Facebook.

First of all: thanks to the tool and using the two available options offered as part of this service, i.e.

  • Link-to-Buy: this allows you to add a personalized shopping link to your profile. After clicking on such a link, the customer is shown a list of all shopping photos redirecting directly to the store to the product page. Interestingly, as reported, such a conversion from Instagram can be up to 300% higher than that from mobile Facebook.
  • Mail-to-Buy: this allows you to send customers, via e-mail, direct information about the product (with a tagged product picture and a link to the store) that they liked on Instagram.

Secondly, thanks to the use of advertising messages. The first experience with advertising on Instagram shows that people are eager to click on advertising on Instagram, and an attractive advertising message can contribute to the considerable marketing success of the brand. Let’s remember that Instagram is primarily a picture medium – it’s a plus of this website but at the same time a great challenge for marketers.

Interesting Instagram Profiles

Among the brand profiles on Instagram, you can find a lot of inspiration. It’s worth following them. These interesting accounts can certainly include:

@shakeshack | 284k followers
@oreo | 1.6m followers
@starbucks | 8.9m followers

Is it Worth Being on Instagram?

Instagram is probably one of the most dynamically changing social networking sites. It is also a rapidly growing sales channel. Although the first advertising messages (those prepared for McDonald’s) caused a lot of emotions among website users and not only positive ones, it is impossible to deny their creators’ ingenuity. And that’s what Instagram is all about.

The presence of the brand on this website is certainly supported by organic reach, greater involvement than in other channels, and an increasing number of users. It is worth thinking about buying Instagram followers UK which targets a group of users you want to reach. It should not be however to assume that there are only teenagers on Instagram. It is worth using the Power Editor and trying to create the right criteria for your target group, thus checking its size. It may be a small percentage of Instagram users (e.g. 10,000 people), but reaching them with precisely selected content can bring satisfactory results.