Make Money with Reselling Hosting – Easy Guide to Earn

Make Money Easy Guide to 2020

There are a number of different online businesses that you can start from your own home and easily make money. If you are thinking about starting your own reseller web hosting business, then this will be the right and most profitable business for you that make money.

With the right niche and dedication, you can start your own cheapest cPanel reseller hosting services with a profitable business. You can make money by reselling web hosting businesses.

In this article, you will get all information about, how to earn and make money with reseller hosting, what things are required to run a reseller hosting business, and many more.

If you are doing the best web hosting reseller business, then you will be able to provide web hosting services to your clients with their demands. In return, you will get a regular monthly income from each client that you provide hosting services.

What is Web Hosting?

In today’s online world, you also want to grow your business online, and being a business owner it’s important to have a website.

A website designer can design your website in the way that you want it, but there is also a need that it should be visible to all worlds. This means if you want to make your website online then you need to host it somewhere on the server.

In a simple way, web hosting is a process that will help your website to make it available to the world online.

What is Reseller Hosting?

In the web hosting reseller business, the clients are able to purchase the space on a hard drive and bandwidth from the web hosting provider and rent it to their customers.

In simple terms, with the best reseller hosting, you can provide hosting to your clients where you can role as an owner of a hosting company.

One important thing that you should note is that: with reseller web hosting you can start your own hosting business and start to earn profit but with shared web hosting you can just host your own website.

Features Included with Reseller Hosting

Here I have explained some of the most common features that the web hosting reseller providers offer and that also pass it to their customers.

  • High-Quality Services: By choosing a high-quality web hosting service you can offer a variety of different hosting types, a range of bandwidth, and storage space.
  • Plan Customization: This feature allows you to manage your own hosting plans, customize it and deliver certain features for a unique hosting offering.
  • Bundled Features: This feature allows providing other features like email hosting, cPanel access, website builders, domain management, and many more.

Steps to Establish or How to Make Money with Reseller Hosting Business?

When you are going to establish your own reseller web hosting business you need to consider the following steps:

Pick a Reliable Web Hosting Company

First, you need to research a web hosting company that meets your requirements and demands. You can also check their reviews and their customer support team expertise.

Choose or Purchase Reseller Packages

There are various reseller packages available with reseller web hosting to make money with reselling web hosting. You can compare the bandwidth and storage space of different hosting packages with your need and then pick one for your reseller business.

Create your Own Packages

After purchasing the packages from your hosting provider, then you can create packages for your clients.

Prepare your Technical Support Options

Decide the technical support options you will be offering to your customers. One thing you should note is that you would require a good number of technical staff to handle the queries of customers.

Select a Payment Processing Solution

person hand holding smartphone and credit card

Verify the payment process that should support various types of credit cards and payment processes.

Reseller Package Should Include

While you are choosing your reseller web hosting packages you need to check below features that should include in reseller packages:

  • Storage and bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • cPanel / WHM control panel
  • Website migration
  • Technical support with 24/7 services.
  • Domain Reseller
  • Payment Gateway
  • Extra hosting features for clients such as email, cPanel, security tools, etc.

While Choosing the Best Reseller Hosting Provider to Earn Huge Money

Before buying a reseller hosting from a WordPress hosting plans provider. Below are some basic things that should be considered:

  • Company reliability
  • Data backup service
  • Support for Linux and Windows
  • Website migration service
  • One-click installer software
  • Domain reseller account
  • 24*7 customer support

You can make Make Money with Reselling Web Hosting business and it is an easy business with just a few things that need to be checked. With this business, you can earn high profits.


From this article, you will be able to understand the cheap web hosting reseller business and how to earn and make money reseller hosting services to your clients as a way of your own business.

You will also understand the benefits of earning money from reseller hosting and the things you should consider before offering a hosting service