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Are you a tech lover like us? Do you want to write about technology and publish on some sites like ours? Are you a writer trying to build a portfolio? Or maybe you want to share an experience or write for a hobby.

You are at the right place

We are accepting technology articles that you may publish on tech by technologist.

Amazing, isn’t it?

You can simply register and publish. Send us an email to this address [email protected] with the subject, “I want to publish technology articles on site” with the following details

  • Full Name:
  • Author Bio:
  • Author Image:
  • Author Email:
  • Social media profile links:
  • and a few published articles (if you have or a few topics you want to write about)


What type of technology articles you can publish?

Anything that comes under the umbrella of technology.

What should be the ideal length of the article?

It depends upon the article’s topic. We suggest you choose a specific topic. The article can be of any length but at least 650 words.

Do you have any other content policy?

Yes. It must be a research and plagiarism free article. It must not be published anywhere on the internet and you may not publish it somewhere else once it gets approved and published here.

It must be topic oriented with no grammar mistakes and with clear intent.

Can a promote my product or service?


Can I make external links in the article?

Yes, as far as they are relevant to the article and make sense.

What anchors may I choose?

They can be any but they should be natural and relatable.

When my article will go live?

Once you are approved, we’ll grant you access to the site. You can draft it yourself and submit it for editorial review. It may take 48 to 96 hours (weekends excluded). Sending us an email with a request to approve your article may delay the process. Have patience.

I submitted but my article got deleted, why?

It’s because our editor has rejected it.

Will my article be published there for the life?

Generally, yes. We still have the right to edit, update, modify, reject or delete it anytime for any reason.

I got my account, how can I publish it?

There are many tutorials on youtube, simply spend some time and learn about publishing.

I have images but I can not upload them. How to do it?

Our image policy is simple and straight. It must be royalty free, compressed to load faster. Initially, our editor may or may not add to your article.

I do not want to wait for the editorial review. What to do?

We’ll allow you access to publish without any review once we feel, you are a good writer. You have to gain our editor’s trust through regular and qualitative publishing.

Please note: We have complete rights to change our policies without any notice. We generally do not delete articles from our site but we can do it for any reason. We won’t allow you to publish on our site if you do not agree with our policies and terms.